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(The manuscript “The Quantum Distance” is almost identical to “Quantum Mechanics and Ether: the theoretical derivation of Planck’s constant”)

Mon, 4 Oct 2004 20:00:12 -0400

Manuscript Title:”The Quantum Distance”**

Manuscript Number:1105989

Dear Dr. C. Van der Togt

Thank you for submitting your manuscript to Science. We will notify you of our evaluation as soon as possible. Your manuscript number is noted above. Please refer to it in future communication with us.


Carolyn Kyle
Editorial Coordinator

** The article “The Quantum Distance” is later renamed to “The hydrogen atom: an electromagnetic free oscillator”

Fri, 08 Oct 2004 14:54:30 -0400

8 October 2004

Dr. C. Van der Togt
University of Amsterdam

Ref: 1105989

Dear Dr. Van der Togt:

Thank you for submitting your manuscript “The Quantum Distance” to Science. Because your manuscript was not given a high priority rating during the initial screening process, we will not be able to send it out for in-depth review. Although your analysis is interesting, we feel that the scope and focus of your paper make it more appropriate for the physics literature. We are therefore notifying you so that you can seek publication elsewhere.

We now receive many more interesting papers than we can publish. We therefore send for in-depth review only those papers most likely to be ultimately published in Science. Papers are selected on the basis of discipline, novelty, and general significance, in addition to the usual criteria for publication in specialized journals. Therefore, our decision is not necessarily a reflection of the quality of your research but rather of our stringent space limitations.

We wish you every success when you submit the paper elsewhere.


Phillip D. Szuromi
Supervisory Senior Editor

Tue, 12 Oct 2004 11:38:52 +0200

Dear XXXXXXX (Editorial Support) and Philip Szuromi (Supervisory Senior Editor),

Thank you very much for your answer concerning manuscript 1105989. I understand that “Science” could not send the article out for in-depth review because the manuscript was not given a high priority and therefore you suggested me to send the article to a physics journal.

Is “Science” aware of the consequences for science in general when the article will be acknowledged? The consequences will be that SRT and GRT will fall, that the (mathematical) perspectives of QM with “parallel worlds” will become ridiculous, that the approach to realize (thermal) nuclear fusion will change dramatically, that the “Standard Model” will undergo dramatic changes, that the gravity force reveals itself with ether, that all forces etc.
In all: The scientific and social consequences will be enormous.

In your email you maintain: “Papers are selected on the basis of discipline, novelty, and general significance, in addition to the usual criteria for publication in specialized journals”. Does this article not qualify?

Please realize no physics journal will publish the article because almost all physicists and therefore all referees will be embarrassed and offended learning that their perspective of physics turns out not to be correct anymore, as science has been progressing while time was going on.

The article “Stellar Aberration and the Unjustified Denial of Ether” that I submitted as Supporting Online Material with the article “The Quantum Distance” is short (only 2 1/2 pages) and simple. It proofs without any doubt that vacuum is not empty space.

Despite the scientific significance of “Stellar aberration” no physics journal is willing to publish it. At last, after 7 years, the dissident physics journal Galilean Electrodynamics will publish. Who will read it?

It may sound arrogant but I presume that Einstein would not have written his articles concerning SRT when this article was published before 1905 because then there was no issue at all. Where would science be if that had occurred?
I cannot imagine why “Science” as a scientific journal should not be interested.

Could it be that the editors of “Science” do not comprehend the possible scientific consequences? I suggest therefore that “Science” will evaluate the scientific consequences of the article “Stellar Aberration and the Unjustified Denial of Ether”. It would be a waste if “Science” would unjustly reject the article “The Quantum Distance”.


Carel van der Togt

Fri, 15 Oct 2004 09:54:59 -0400

Dear Dr. van der Togt,

Thank you for your email concerning the decision on your manuscript. We appreciate your arguments for further consideration of the paper but regret to say that we have reexamined and confirmed the basis for our earlier decision.


Phillip Szuromi

Supervisory Senior Editor, Science