The Orientation of Point-Volumes Surrounding a Charge

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When there is a charge in space the shown non-orientation in figure 2 of the point-volumes will be influenced. Vacuum is able to contain fields (field-theory) like the electrostatic field presented in vacuum the dielectric constant. The charge in vacuum will initiate dielectric displacement in the point-volumes. The electric field will influence the orientation of the point-volumes. In figure 3 we demonstrate that the energy of the charge influences the point-volumes.

The point-volumes are responsible for transport of the electric field according to the laws of physics. Dielectric displacement is achieved in the point-volumes and distributed over space. One can imagine that at the QD level space is not homogeneous and quantification is inevitable.

Figure 3. The orientation of point-volumes around a charge

The orientation of the point-volumes around the charge will minimize the energy level according to physics laws. The non-orientation of figure 2 has disappeared.

The reader can see that the space around charge +Q cannot be filled homogeneous anymore with point-volumes. The orientation of the sketched 6 point-volumes around the charge in figure 3 is still comparable with field free point-volumes in figure 2, but the circle of 12 point-volumes around +Q cannot be found in the field/energy free vacuum of figure 2.

The tension of the electric field draws the point-volumes towards +Q and at the same time orientates the point-volumes or “ether” as far as possible into a bulb shape orientation.

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