For those who want to get a good and relatively simple impression what went wrong in Theoretical Physics, I wrote “Unbelievable“. Here you can chronological experience “how and why” I discovered the mistakes. This manuscript gives a better overall impression of the problems encountered and the discovered solutions. When more specific information is wanted one can search on the website for more elaborate and exact presentation.

For scientists to be able to reconcile Quantum Mechanics and the Relativity Theory the scientific reality has become unbelievable complex. Is it possible there is something not justifiable in one of the mentioned theories? In 1727 Bradley observed the star y-Draconis and measured the stellar aberration. Science concluded unjustly that dragged ether did not exist. Michelson and Morley proved without doubt with their famous experiment in 1887 that ether in absolute rest could not exist.

After both ethers were denied the Special Relatively Theory of Einstein was inevitable. The propagation of forces and light through vacuum became mysterious and almost unexplainable; time and space became relative.

Science unjustly rejected the hypothesis of the dragged ether. So the Relativity Theory is not indisputable anymore. The existence of dragged ether still is a scientific possibility. Exploring the possibilities of the dragged ether, it was “easy” to find mathematical and physical explanations for relativistic observations. The scientific explanations the ether is giving for yet unexplained and mysterious physical phenomena are vast.

Elementary and atomic particles like electron, positron, proton, neutron, deuteron, photon and neutrinos reveal their existence in simple mathematics. The physical background of quantum mechanics becomes clear. The dual character of particles and the principle of uncertainty of quantum mechanics coincides with dragged ether. Nuclear fusion is better understood. The constant of Planck (h) is eliminated theoretical when the photon is assumed to be an oscillation of two opposite charges. Even the cause for gravity emerges.

Theoretical physicists cannot disprove the ether theory. They however, understandable, reject the possibility of ether because it differs too much with the present scientific perception; their opinion is pre-determined. Determine for yourself the possibilities of dragged ether reading.

A relative simple Fundamental Physics Experiment can be performed to determine whether ether exists or not.

When you want to know what, why and how things went wrong in Theoretical Physics I recommend you read the chapter Incompetent Science first.

For those who want to comprehend the physics of dragged ether I suggest you start reading at the beginning because, even for physicists, the theory is new.

To be able to comprehend a chapter it is necessary to understand the previous chapters.

In the chapters “Foreword“, “Introduction to the theory” and “The denial of dragged ether” a short historical overview is given why and how science prematurely concluded that ether could not exist and why the Special Relativity Theory (SRT) became inevitable.

In the chapters “The stellar aberration of the star y-Draconis“, “The drag coefficient of Fresnel” and “The experiment of Fizeau” it is demonstrated why and how dragged ether is complete consistent with observations and experiments. “The experiment of Michelson and Morley” only establishes that the so called “absolute ether” cannot explain stellar aberration. This experiment doesn’t in any way disqualify the possibility of the existence of dragged ether, although this experiment is always presented as proof that (any) ether cannot exist.

In the chapters “The electric field and the ether“, “The Lorentzfactor and the ether” and “The ether again” we describe and deduce the properties the ether has to have to be consistent with observations.

In the chapter “The electron” we describe the physical process, with the deduced qualities of the ether in the previous chapters, how the electron can arise.

The chapter/article  “The equivalence of magnetic and kinetic energy” demonstrates that magnetic and kinetic energy are the same and that science (QM) made a very early fundamental mistake when it was assumed that the electromagnetic field possesses certain vector/mathematical properties which violate the energy conservation law.

In the chapter “The photon” we describe the process where the electron gets into an oscillation and can eject the abundant energy means of emitting a photon. In “Time dilatation” we argue that with ether the observed time dilatation is not the consequence of relativity of time and space but a consequence of the energy dependence of radioactive disintegration.

In “The proton and neutron” it is made plausible that, like the electron, with ether protons and neutrons can arise. In the chapter “The photon and the constant of Planck” it is established that with simple logic a consistent physical presentation of the photon is derived.

The chapter/article “Quantum Mechanics and the Ether: The Derivation of Planck’s constant” demonstrates that with ether a consistent physical explanation is found for the experimental derived formulas of QM that describe mathematical the discrete energy levels of atoms.

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