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When you are interested in physics you must read “Unbelievable“.

The application of theoretical science in explaining phenomena leads often to misconceptions. That is my experience after graduating with honors for my bachelors in physics. Sadly I had to drop the subject despite I loved physics, because no one was able to explain the physics behind the math (Theoretical Physics); I always need to understand. For me, the ultimate physicist is Archimedes; observation of phenomena and pure logical deduction of basic physics laws.

After my bachelor in physics I changed to Economics. For the next 4½ years, until I graduated for my masters, I worked as a physics engineer (research department of Philips Weert). After my graduation with specialization in finance and econometrics, I worked for investment banks.

My experience with science in the fields of physics and economics is that in general scientists apply learned knowledge without validating whether in that specific situation the applied science is valid.

Therefore a lot of misconceptions in Physics and Economics occur. Using common sense and logic in combination with science, I attempt to unravel invalid interpretations. This blog is the platform which enables me to share my findings and thoughts.

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