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In daily life we are used to the awareness that what we observe is brought to us means of a medium. For example, the sounds we hear are propagated means of the air around us. Understandably we might think that light is transported in a similar way. There is however an important difference between the propagation of light and the propagation of sound. If we pump away the air surrounding us we cannot hear the sounds around us, but we can still see. The conclusion must be that light is transported through another medium than the air that conducts the sounds we hear.

In the 18th and 19th century physicists were diligent in their search for a medium that transports light. The medium the scientists were looking for was given the name “ether”. It was presumed that there were two possible ethers; ether that could be influenced or ether at absolute rest which therefore could not be influenced.

In 1727 Bradley observed the stellar aberration of a star called y-Draconis. Science concluded unjustifiable that dragged ether could not explain stellar aberration. Dragged ether can be compared with the air around a moving object. The object, for example a moving car, drags the air close at the surface. The more the distance increases the less the air is influenced the movement of the car.

Scientists did not give any argument for their conclusion why dragged ether cannot exist when stellar aberration occurs. The only reason is that they were not able to reconcile the phenomenon of stellar aberration with dragged ether.

The famous experiment of Michelson and Morley in 1887 demonstrated, without doubt, that ether in absolute rest could not exist. The conclusion, after the rejection of both ethers, was that there could not exist ether responsible for the transport of light in vacuum.

In astronomy it is observed that light, coming from galaxies, shows a red shift of the spectrum. The larger the distance of the galaxies, the larger the red shifts. The Dutch physicist Lorentz deduced the Lorentz-transformations, which relativistic (astronomical) observations have to be corrected.

The (unjustified) denial of both ethers, combined with the measured constant speed of light, independent of the movement of source, caused Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory (SRT) to be inevitable. While not the most obvious solution, it became the most acceptable in view of the scientific assumption that space was absolutely empty.

Later it is proven that dragged ether was denied unjustly. The ignored dragged ether theory gives answers to until now inexplicable physical phenomena. Presenting an integral picture of the theory is the only way to convince scientists of the enormous potential of the ether theory. The presented ether is completely consistent with all the relativistic observations.

In “From Paradox to Paradigm” I demonstrate the tremendous possibilities of dragged ether.

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